DCA and SQL login KB913400

July 31, 2006
When configuring an MCMS in the production environment I did not have access to an Active Directory. I therefore used an SQL logon to access the database with the DCA. Unfortunately I received the following message regardless of granting the SQL login DBO access to the database.

Error verifying rights: Using a SQL Login to access the database requires that this Login have DBO rights because it is used by this application to configure the database. Using Trusted Authentication to access the database only requires that the previously defined MCMS system account have the following database privileges: db_datareader, db_datawriter and db_ddladmin.

I found that Microsoft have release a hotfix KB913400 on 26 July, 2006 that resolves this issue. You will need to log a support call with Microsoft.

TechEd 2006 – I’ll be there

July 28, 2006
I am going to TechEd 2006 in Sydney. See you there.

Reusing MCMS dialogs

July 27, 2006

Have you have written a custom placeholder and wanted to allow the user to select an image from the resource gallery? Well, the AuthFormClient.js has several Javascript methods that allow you to do just this.

WBC_launchImageGallery(strPostingQueryString, strPhName, strPhType, bAllowUpload)

There are lots methods in the MCMS framework files that do all sorts of cool things (and even some mysterious things), so check them out.

Disable the Warning before leaving page message

July 27, 2006

I recently had a requirement to remove the warning message that is displayed when a user tries to leave a MCMS posting while editing it.

I found a javascript method in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS\WebAuthor\Client\AuthFormClient.js file.


This did the trick.

Helicon ISAPI Rewrite

July 27, 2006

I have been developing an MCMS site for a customer that consists of an Authoring and Presentation server in Production. The servers have Map Host Headers enabled. The server are mapped as MCMSAUTHOR for the authoring server and the presentation server as mcms.customer.com.au.

In order to allow content to be migrated between the two environments using the SDAPI without getting a new top level channel in presentation called “MCMSAUTHOR”, install this tool (Helicon ISAPI Reweite Lite) http://www.isapirewrite.com/. This tool enables you to rename the top level channel in the authoring environment to be mcms.customer.com.au. Thus migration occurs correctly.

The rules for this transformation would be:

RewriteCond Host: mcmsauthor
RewriteHeader Host: .* mcms\.customer\.com\.au

What Service Pack do I have installed?

July 27, 2006

A simple way to determine the service pack level installed in your MCMS 2002, is to open Site Manager and go into Help About from the menu. Check the reported Server Version against the following list:

5.0.1581.0 = RTM
5.0.2284.0 = SP1
5.0.4484.0 = SP1a
5.0.5054.0 = SP2

Update: AVG email scanning and Outlook 2007

July 22, 2006

Previously I posted about AVG email scanning stripping out the content of emails when using Office Outlook 2007. Upon further investigations I have found that you don’t need to disable the email scanner entirely. Just go into the configuration section of the plugin and take off the Certify mail of both incoming and outgoing mail. That is what is causing the problem.