Role based templates for MOSS My Sites

January 31, 2007

It seems that the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technology team are keeping themselves rather busy. Not only have they published 20 Site Admin templates, they have just announced the intention to release 7 role based templates for MOSS My Sites. The first 2 role based templates have been release are are:

  • Sales Account Manager
    The Sales Account Manager template helps managers streamline the process of analysis of sales and opportunity information for their overall decision making. The template assists in customer account tracking against a set of performance metrics, such as quarterly revenue, growth and opportunity. It also provides a graphical view of the geographical distribution of product sales and opportunities. The objective of this Role-Based My Site Template is to help the Sales Manager attain their goals of customer satisfaction and revenue augmentation.
  • Controller/Financial Analyst
    The Controller / Financial Analyst template helps Controllers to automate the process of analyzing financial data and information, helping them in their overall decision making process. The template assists in tracking top performing products and opportunities at different geography levels. It also provides a graphical view of product sales and revenue. The objective design of this Role-Based My Site Template is to help the Controller achieve their goals of communicating overall corporate performance, budget and future growth projection to the management, investors and other stakeholders.

20 Site Admin templates for WSS 3.0

January 31, 2007

[Via: Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog]

20 Site Admin templates are now available for public download:

Board of Directors

Business Performance Reporting

Case Management for Government Agencies

Classroom Management

Clinical Trial Initiation and Management

Competitive Analysis Site

Discussion Database

Disputed Invoice Management

Employee Activities Site

Employee Self-Service Benefits

Employee Training Scheduling and Materials

Equity Research

Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking

Manufacturing Process Management

New Store Opening

Product and Marketing Requirements Planning

Request for Proposal

Sports League

Team Work Site

Timecard Management

Check out the online examples of these templates at

William at Adelaide Oval

January 24, 2007

Last week I attended the annual SDM Away Days. This is basically two days where the company gets together, away from the office environment to discuss the strategies and direction for the next 12 months. This year there was a lot of show cases of work that has been achieved over the course of the year. Some of the more memorable show cases where the MOSS upgrade project of the SDM Intranet and Internet website from SPS/WSS and MCMS respectively. The other presentation that I found really interesting was the Virtual Earth / WPF proof of concept project (that rocked). The away days this year were at the Adelaide Oval in the Bradman Room, I had never been to the Adelaide Oval and was supprised to see how small it actually is (I am use to the MCG which is considerablly larger). This is a photo of me at the Oval, taken by Andrew Buttigieg.

Another memorable event from the two days away was the Away Days party on Thursday night. Lots of drinking and fun to be had, and lots of sore heads the next morning. Not to mention some individuals with messes to clean up.

Essential resources for SharePoint developers

January 24, 2007

Previously I posted about Andrew Connell’s fantastic list of resources. Well, a colleague of mine Andrew Buttigieg has pointed me in the direction of another list of essential resources;

Randall Isenhour
Erika Ehrli
Andrew Connell MVP
The Boiler Room – Mark Kruger SharePoint MVP

ASP.NET AJAX – SharePoint and MCMS Kits

January 24, 2007

Good news the ASP.NET AJAX framework (previously known as Atlas) has been released – RTM. Other good news for the SharePoint developers is the release, by Daniel Larson, of the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Toolkit for SharePoint. And MCMS developers haven’t missed out either, check out this posting from Stefan Goßner regarding enabling ASP.NET AJAX with MCMS.

My iMate SP5 is no longer

January 24, 2007

At the MEDC 2006 conference I was given a brand new iMate SP5 smart phone. Now the phone has been fantastic helping me organise my day with exchange integration being very valuable, I could keep up to date with emails, appointments and alike. Unfortunately on the way to the last user group meeting late last year I dropped the phone, the screen is now shot. As the phone has a sticker on the package stating 24 month warranty I thought I would try and process a claim. I rang up iMate to find out how to get the phone to them and they said that the 24 month warranty was not valid because I did not have a Tax Invoice for the phone. It seems that they offer this service without really offering it – very nasty.

Now I have had to revert to a simple Nokia phone (no outlook, no email, no camera, no productivity). I have been looking around for an SP5 to purchase but they seem to be quite scarce now, so I have started looking at the newer iMate JasJam – this should bring my productivity back up to scratch, not to mention allowing me to demonstrate the MOSS Mobile features.

If anyone know of a JasJam going cheap please let me know. Otherwise, I will have to wait for the purchasing committee (my wife) to agree to a major purchase.

MOSS and WSS SDK’s available

January 23, 2007

The SharePoint Product Team have posted information regarding the official release of the RTM version of the MOSS and WSS SDK’s;

Download the MOSS SDK:
Download the WSS SDK:

The MOSS SDK contains the following;

  • SharePoint Server 2007 SDK Documentation (OSSSDK2007.chm)
  • Office Forms Server 2007 SDK Documentation (OFS12sdk.chm)
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK Documentation (WSS3sdk.chm)
  • MOSS SDK Code Samples to use in conjunction with SDK documentation
  • ECM Starter Kit
  • Supplemental developer whitepapers
  • Visual Studio Workflow templates for MOSS

The WSS SDK contains the following;

  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK Documentation (WSS3sdk.chm)
  • Workflow Starter Kit

More information about additional content, samples, and downloads can be found on the following Web portals on MSDN;