Clippy lives on

[Via: Ed Richard]

Now that Clippy has retired, it seems that he is busier now than ever. He seems to be making appearances in all sorts of things.

The Enchanted Office, is a comic strip that shows some of the reasons the interface in Office has been modified into the Ribbon. It is a good read (for a laugh) – and has quite a few parodies, just wait until page six with the “Oh my God, they killed Clippy! (…Kenny…)” reference.

Clippy has moved out of Word and is now living at The landing page also has an old cliché, “It looks like you have upgraded to Office 2007. Would you like some assistance?”

Clippy also made an appearance on “Drawn Together” on SBS the other night, “It looks like you are writting a suicide note. Would you like some assistance?”.

Lets stay tuned as you never know where that annoying little paper clip will turn up.


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