My iMate SP5 is no longer

At the MEDC 2006 conference I was given a brand new iMate SP5 smart phone. Now the phone has been fantastic helping me organise my day with exchange integration being very valuable, I could keep up to date with emails, appointments and alike. Unfortunately on the way to the last user group meeting late last year I dropped the phone, the screen is now shot. As the phone has a sticker on the package stating 24 month warranty I thought I would try and process a claim. I rang up iMate to find out how to get the phone to them and they said that the 24 month warranty was not valid because I did not have a Tax Invoice for the phone. It seems that they offer this service without really offering it – very nasty.

Now I have had to revert to a simple Nokia phone (no outlook, no email, no camera, no productivity). I have been looking around for an SP5 to purchase but they seem to be quite scarce now, so I have started looking at the newer iMate JasJam – this should bring my productivity back up to scratch, not to mention allowing me to demonstrate the MOSS Mobile features.

If anyone know of a JasJam going cheap please let me know. Otherwise, I will have to wait for the purchasing committee (my wife) to agree to a major purchase.


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