Role based templates for MOSS My Sites

It seems that the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technology team are keeping themselves rather busy. Not only have they published 20 Site Admin templates, they have just announced the intention to release 7 role based templates for MOSS My Sites. The first 2 role based templates have been release are are:

  • Sales Account Manager
    The Sales Account Manager template helps managers streamline the process of analysis of sales and opportunity information for their overall decision making. The template assists in customer account tracking against a set of performance metrics, such as quarterly revenue, growth and opportunity. It also provides a graphical view of the geographical distribution of product sales and opportunities. The objective of this Role-Based My Site Template is to help the Sales Manager attain their goals of customer satisfaction and revenue augmentation.
  • Controller/Financial Analyst
    The Controller / Financial Analyst template helps Controllers to automate the process of analyzing financial data and information, helping them in their overall decision making process. The template assists in tracking top performing products and opportunities at different geography levels. It also provides a graphical view of product sales and revenue. The objective design of this Role-Based My Site Template is to help the Controller achieve their goals of communicating overall corporate performance, budget and future growth projection to the management, investors and other stakeholders.

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