K2.net® 2003 Additional Components for MOSS 2007 are Released!

February 6, 2007

I just recieved a mail out from K2 regarding the release of the additional components for MOSS 2007 for use with the K2.Net 2003 workflow product.

[via K2.Net mailout]

To download, proceed to the following URL: http://portal.k2workflow.com/downloads/product.aspx

Please refer to the K2.net Additional Components for MOSS 2007 Installation Guide, Release Notes and Getting Started documents for detailed information on this release.

K2.net 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Interoperability
K2.net 2003 is able to create, update and delete content and any associated metadata within MOSS 2007.

The following integration points are now fully supported by K2.net 2003:

  • Access to content in MOSS 2007 lists
  • Access to files in document libraries including access to their associated metadata
  • Ability to create workspaces used for collaboration, tracking, and content management
  • Access to forms libraries including form data and metadata
  • Ability to leverage MOSS event handling (for example, upon document insertion) to initiate workflow
  • Ability to support both Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 and Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007

To leverage Forms Server 2007 (InfoPath web forms) in the 2003 InfoPath templates, see instructions in KB000164 – K2.net 2003 with InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2007 Forms Services.


Vista and iTunes

February 4, 2007

A colleague of mine Mike Pearson just sent me a link to an article about an iTunes compatibility issue with the new Vista OS. The article describes how Apple have posted an article regarding their latest version of iTune 7.0.2 and recommend delaying the installation of Windows Vista for a few weeks until their next version is released.

I have happily been using Vista at home since RC1 with iTunes 6 with no issues. I haven’t upgraded to iTune 7.0.2 because 6 seems stable and fine for my needs. No need to wait for iTune upgrade (an Apple product) to upgrade to Vista (a Microsoft product)…hmmm…wonder if it is just a scam by Apple to delay the sales of Vista…maybe they are a little scared of Microsoft’s new OS (now that it can also run on the Mac hardware)…