Upgrade to MOSS today

I have previously posted about the removal of customer support from Microsoft for MCMS SP1a on January 9th 2007. I highly recommend that customers that wish to maintain their support arrangements for their content management platform, upgrade MCMS to SP2.

Also the new MOSS platform is providing lots of benefits to previous MCMS customers. A lot of the custom built features of MCMS such as content publishing, workflow extensions, search and content review notifications are now straight out of the box.

Quite a few of my customers are reviewing both their Intranet (SharePoint Portal Server) and Internet (MCMS) platforms and are consolidating towards a single technology platform (MOSS).

I would highly recommend migrating to the new MOSS technology platform for any of my SPS or MCMS customers as this Enterprise level solution is providing lots of benefical features to help organisations operate more effectively.


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