RSS Feeds disappear from Outlook

I have been using Office 2007 since Beta 1 and have had no real issues with the product (stability at the start, but that is much better in the final release). I have been using the RSS features which are really cool but just this morning Outlook is not updating my RSS feeds. On further investigations Tools|Account Settings|RSS Feeds no longer contains a list of RSS Feeds. I now have to delete each RSS and re-add it manually (I didn’t have an OPML file – doh!).

For those of you that are using Office 2007 and the RSS feed feature, I recommend using the Import and Export feature to create an OPML file of your feeds occasionally (then you wont loose them like I did).

If anyone else has experienced this issue then let me know and if I find a fix to this issue I will update this post.


9 Responses to RSS Feeds disappear from Outlook

  1. grumpywookie says:

    Any resolution on this ? Mine just keep dropping off – randomly GONE.

  2. Code Jedi says:

    Still have not found a cause for this however the workaround of creating an OPML backup file and importing from that seems to be working for me.

  3. […] is to extract the feed list (OPML) from time-to-time, and re-import, as suggested by CodeJedi.NET.   Sure, this will work, but seems like a less-than-optimal […]

  4. Code Jedi says:

    Grumpy Wookie has posted a potential solution, for some, to this issue ( The post describes a potential reason for the issue. The work around resolution suggested is “DONT use outlook for RSS feeds”.

    I think I will continue to use Outlook as my RSS reader (especially in Outlook Web Access) and rely on the OPML workaround, at least until I loose all my feeds again-without a OPML backup- and then I throw my computer thru the window.

  5. liebrand says:

    There is a hotfix available from Microsoft to resolve this issue. See my posting about it (

  6. Swingerman says:

    Yes it’s really anoying problem, but easy to get the feeds back without adding them one by one.

    You don’t have to save them into OPL file, because the feeds are still in the common feed list.Just go: File-> Improt/export-> Import RSS fedds from the common feed list….

    Ps.: You can export the common feed list in IE7 as well: add to favourites button->imort/export


  7. IG says:

    that hotfix was already installed on my machine and this problem keeps happening….groan!

  8. Michaela says:

    The common theme between the people this is happening to is that they are logging on to our terminal server and working remotely.

  9. Kamryn says:

    What’s it take to become a sublime exopendur of prose like yourself?

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