New Groove developer portal on MSDN

Microsoft Groove

Just read that the new Groove developer portal on MSDN has gone live.

This is a home for developers who want to learn more about Groove and how to develop solutions on the Groove platform. The site also links to relevant content on TechNet and Office Online, providing easy access to those materials.

This enables developers new to Groove to build a solid foundation of knowledge before taking Groove deployments to the next level by building a custom solution.

MOSSIG Meeting on Wednesday evening 28th March 2007

Don’t forget that Marc Dimmick will be presenting part 2 of his Microsoft Office Groove 2007 presentation at the MOSSIG meeting on Wednesday evening, this month from a business scenario perspective. If you are wondering what the value of Groove can be for your business this is a must see presentation.


2 Responses to New Groove developer portal on MSDN

  1. Do you know if the Groove product has any relation to Microsoft’s Tahiti announcement? Tahiti, will be a screen sharing application incorporated into Word, from what I understand.

  2. Code Jedi says:

    I believe Tahiti and Groove are two seperate initiatives. Tahiti is basically a simple fast and easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers whereas Groove is an online/offline collaboration tool for complete project work such as sharing and collaborating on documents/files, data and discussion threads, calendars, etc…

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