Sipping cocktails in Queensland

For those that know me, you will know that I have a tendency of collecting all sorts of things, but my main collection fetish is all things M&M related. I have in my collection some 40 M&M chocolate dispensers, some are classic ones from the 80’s and some are newer ones I got for Easter. I also collect M&M folders, pens, cups and stuffed toys. My favourite item is a mini M&M jukebox dispenser that plays the Lambada when it dispenses. For Christmas my mother in law got a hold of my four Star Wars M&M post cards and had them block mounted (very cool present).

So I was reading Chris’ blog and found that he had posted about a cool website that lets you design your own M&M character ( So I cranked up the site a created a character that is going to sum up my holiday in Queensland…so off I go to the warm sunny beaches to sip cocktails…see you when I get back.

My M&M Character


One Response to Sipping cocktails in Queensland

  1. Outback says:

    Ahrr no computer – sooo refreshing

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