Mandatory hot fix for MCMS

[Via Stefan]

A security fix for MCMS 2001 and 2002 has been released this week.

It is mandatory to install this fix on all production machines to fix a known security hole which exists in all edition of MCMS.

Be aware that the MCMS 2002 version of this fix can only be installed on SP2. As older service pack levels are no longer supported the fix has only been released for the supported service pack levels.

In order to ensure that your MCMS 2002 machine is no longer vulnerable you have to ensure that MCMS 2002 SP2 is installed and after this the security fix MS07-018.


3 Responses to Mandatory hot fix for MCMS

  1. brett says:

    Have you heard or experienced any issues after installing the security fix? We thought everything installed correctly, only to find that when we click on the Switch To Edit Site, it doesn’t do anything. So we are currently unable to edit content. Any ideas or suggestions?

  2. Code Jedi says:

    Stefan has reported several issues being experiened by the hotfix, refer to my next blog entry for a link to his site. His article has issues, reasons why and resolutios.

  3. Brijesh says:

    i am facing a strange problem when installing the MCMS SP2.
    All the CMS sites has stopped working.

    When we try to change DCA from one Database to another we receive a SQL exception.

    This step of wizard populates the system tables in MCMS Database.
    It is observed that it works fine if we create a new MCMS database but if we are changing the database to an exiting database of MCMS then this step will try to populate the pre populated system tables and hence an SQL exception is generated.

    This step may corrupt the system tables on MCMS. This could be one of the reasons of the strange behaviour of Default console.


    B) Can you please specify is there any hot fix available for MCMS SP2.


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