Texas Casino Party @ SPC APAC

Last night was the APAC SharePoint Conference party – it was a Casino Party with Can Can girls, BlackJack and Poker Tables, and Karoke (unfortunately/fortunately – I’ll explain). Ben Walters, Deon Taylor, Matthew Vink and myself from SDM were convinced by the Can Can girls that we should sing “Britney Spears – Hit me baby one more time” so we did – very imbarassing (unfortunate bit!). In doing so we each were given a copy of Office 2007 Ultimate (sweet! fortunate bit!). The Can Can girls also convinced (although he didn’t need much convincing) Ben to eat a Red Hot Chillie (“…where’s the water…”, Ben Walters InfoPath MVP, 2007).

PS. Alex – Office is in the offical boxed packaging – hehehe.


3 Responses to Texas Casino Party @ SPC APAC

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds like a YEAR 8 school camp… (DK)

  2. Alex says:

    Glad to see you are all working hard.

    Dead Jealous of your Office Packaging though… one day I will get some 😛

  3. Code Jedi says:

    Don’t worry Alex, I will bring it in to work tommorrow so you can look at it…and I might even let you touch it.

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