Out with my baby…

Saturday night was an extremely entertaining night. Firstly my Mum come down from Clunes to baby sit Ethan and Jayde. This allowed Nicole and I to step out on the town and party. We started the evening off with a walk through the Crown Casino complex, then made our way down to La Camera restuarant on Southbank. We ate our Main course while over looking the Melbourne skyline and the Yarra river. Then we progressed to Federation Square were we ate Cake and drank Hot Chocolate. We then took a romantic stroll down the yarra to the Melbourne Eye (Ferris Wheel).

Melbournes Eye

After dinner we headed to Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre to attend the Guy Sebastian concert. Guy was performing with the Australia Philharmonic Orchestra and we were in for a great night. We made our way to our allocated seats (Front row, right in front on the conductor and centre stage) – Excellent seats. Guy performed a set of his songs then took a short interval. He then performed some tribute songs to the Beatles (these were excellent), Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole. After another small break he come back to perform some Gospel song including Amzing Grace – these were fantastic (very passionate and from the heart). After the concert (2.5 hours), Nicole and I stood at the back stage door and waited for the Conductor and Guy to come out. Around an hour and a half later he come out and did some signings for the many people who were also waiting (mostly women and children).

We eventually got back home in the early hours of Sunday morning and were tired all day Sunday. Thanks Mum for looking after the kids and allowing us to have a great romantic evening out.


3 Responses to Out with my baby…

  1. sally says:

    sounds brilliant guy Sebastian is a fantastic performer
    hes so underrated in this country, his days from idol
    are long over and hes really grown since then
    his latest album is amazing!
    heard some of the concert on youtube…brilliant

  2. Diane says:

    Hi Code Jedi 🙂

    so funny how you stumble across blogs like this lol

    I was at Hamer Hall too on 19 May

    It was my birthday and I shouted myself to a weekend in Melbourne by flying down to catch Guy Sebastian in concert with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra

    WOW what an amazing experience that was!!!

    Guy is one of the few non-classically trained artists that they have toured with

    but seeing you were there on the night – same as me – we both know why they honoured him with an invitation to sing with them….

    it was an amazing night – his talent is sublime

    It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had!!!

    and also I waited backstage too – not something that I do – but Guy has a reputation for giving back to the fans by appearing after concerts to sign programs and stuff for fans – even after a two and a half hour concert he still made time to appear out of the back stage door to do this for a large gathering of people – he is gorgeous and lovely and sooooooo talented….

    Love your pics code jedi wish I knew how to post them here too

    Di x


  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Code Jedi and Sally and Diane

    I agree re the Guy show at Hamer Hall. He always gives me something else different from the time before. Luckily I live in Melbourne, so I got out of this one cheap. But I’ve heard that The Basement shows in Sydney in June will be soul music (sigh) – which made me finally decide on what days I wanted for my winter work break.

    Just when I thought I was gonna get out of Guy Debt!


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