MOSSIG Meeting – July 2007

This month I will be presenting (although briefly) at MOSSIG on Web Content Management, so please come along and check it out.  Also Brett Coster will be discussing how to get governance right in SharePoint and Ben Walters will be showing us how to deploy InfoPath forms using Outlook 2007.

To register for this meeting please email by COB Tuesday 24th July 2007.


Show and Tell Session

Web Content Management (William Cornwill)

• Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

William Cornwill is a Senior Solution Specialist with Strategic Data Management (SDM).  William is also a board member of MOSSIG.  William has extensive experience with Web Content Management using Microsoft products and this month will discuss how to manage your web content using the SharePoint platform.


Business Session

Getting governance right in SharePoint (Brett Coster)

• Windows SharePoint Services • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Brett Coster, is a Senior Business Analyst with Unique World, and this month will present a business-oriented talk about how to Get Governance Right for SharePoint.

Governance is the process of setting controlling policies around a system, process or application, to ensure that it meets business goals and to mitigate risks. For the purposes of the SharePoint 2007 collaborative sites, these governance guidelines apply to the creation, management and lifecycle of SharePoint collaborative sites.

Effective governance of a system requires:

  • A strategic, business-minded body to craft rules and procedures for the use of the system and to monitor compliance
  • A tactical, technically-competent team to manage the routine operational tasks that keep the system running
  • Clear guidelines for users of the system.

Brett will outline the process involved in developing and establishing good governance to maximise the effectiveness of your SharePoint implementation.


Technical Session

Deploying InfoPath forms using Outlook 2007 (Ben Walters)

• Microsoft Office InfoPath • Microsoft Office Outlook

Ben Walters is a Solution Specialist with Strategic Data Management (SDM). Ben is an InfoPath MVP and specialises in custom developed solutions.  He is also a board member of MOSSIG.  He has presented at numerous technical events including MOSSIG, TechEd and APAC SharePoint Conference and this month Ben will be showing us how to deploy InfoPath 2007 forms using Outlook 2007.


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