Guy Sebastian @ The Palms, Crown

I was able to get front row tickets (Table 6 Sect A) again for the upcoming acoustic Guy Sebastian concert at The Palms in the Crown Complex Melbourne on Sat 27th October. Nicole and I absolutely loved the last concert at Hamer Hall and can not wait until this one in October. I think that Guy is really underated, he is a fantastic entertainer and everytime that we have seen him, he always spends some time talking to my kids (Ethan and Jayde).


2 Responses to Guy Sebastian @ The Palms, Crown

  1. sally says:

    yep hes totally awesome

  2. Lauren says:

    Guy Sebastian is a fabulous performer – I am flying down to Melbourne for the Friday night show – it is also Guy’s Birthday! I cant wait to see him perform LIVE again – wish I could have got front row tickets tho, lol

    It was frantic the first morning the tickets went on sale at Ticketek – all the front row tables were just gone within minutes

    I was still pretty happy though and still got into A Reserve and there isnt a bad seat in the house at The Palms – so it is all good!!

    so how many sleeps now until Friday 26 Oct?

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