AJAX SharePoint List Rotator Web Part

August 29, 2007

Adam Buenz [WSS MVP] has posted about the AJAX SharePoint List Rotator Web Part

“…The AJAX SharePoint List Rotator WebPart does what its name implies; it rotates things out of a SharePoint list. In order to eliminate a postback, it uses AJAX to load and rotate the items, nothing really fancy, but I needed a way to display task items randomly in a WebPart. To be honest I didn’t spend a lot of time on it because it was a nice to have thing, and not really used that heavily for my side project…”, Adam Buenz


Adam suggests that the WebPart hasn’t been tested all that thoroughly, but it should provide a great starting point for those who want similar functionality or would like to look at AJAX within a WebPart. You can download it here.


CodeJedi is moving on…

August 28, 2007

It is sadness and jubilation that I announce that I have just handed in my resignation with SDM.  SDM have been a wonderful company to work for and employ a great bunch of talented individuals.   I have enjoyed my time with SDM and it will be sad to leave.  I have accepted the position of SharePoint Technology Solutions Professional (TSP) with Microsoft.

I am so excited to have been given an offer to work with Microsoft and would not be leaving SDM if it weren’t for the idea of working for MSFT (oh and earning a lot more money).  My new role is a highly technical sales support role and community and partner readiness advocate, so I am moving away for the delivery side of the IT services business, which should be an interesting challenge and change.   I plan to continue blogging at CodeJedi.NET and also plan to stay on the MOSSIG board (although in a lesser public front).  I am really looking forward to this change and will keep you all updated on how it all pans out over the next few months.

Microsoft BDC Definition Editor for MOSS 2007

August 28, 2007

The Business Data Catalog definition editor for MOSS is now available as part of the August MOSS SDK download.

[Via SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog]

The Business Data Catalog Definition Editor provides a visual tool for creating an Application Definition for BDC in MOSS 2007.  Features include:

  • Underlying XML is abstracted by the design surface and properties window
  • Drag and drop web methods, tables, or views to create line of business (LOB) connections.
  • Entities and methods are created automatically from database metadata and WSDLs.
  • Additional method instances can be added to further enhance the database or web service connection.
  • Method instances can be tested from within the tool, enabling incremental development of LOB connections

Once the SDK has been installed, go to <%Program Files%>\2007 Office System Developer Resources\Tools\BDC Definition Editor\readme.html for instructions on installing and using the tool.

MOSSIG Meeting was great!

August 24, 2007

The MOSSIG meeting held on Wednesday was excellent.  We started the evening off with a brief overview of how MOSSIG came to be, where it is headed and also provided some ideas on how anyone can participate.  I then introduced Jonathan Lewis who is the IT Director at Microsoft Australia.  Jonathan gave and excellent overview of the process that Microsoft employed to enable them to upgrade from SPS2003/WSSv2 to MOSS2007/WSSv3, he even showed us around several of the internal Microsoft sites (including HRWeb, ITWeb and MSW).   Finally I introduced Joshua Tan from UniqueWorld who gave a very interesting overview of the Project Server 2007 product suite.   Slide decks for both presentations are now available on the MOSSIG.NET web site in the Archive section.

MOSSIG Meeting – August 22nd 2007

August 16, 2007

To register for the meeting please email register@mossig.net by COB Tuesday 21st August 2007.

Show and Tell Session

MOSSIG update (MOSSIG board)

The MOSSIG team will be providing an update on MOSSIG and sharing some statistics about the number of members, how many sessions it has run and how much pizza has been consumed.

Business Session

Microsoft’s internal Intranet implementation (Jonathan Lewis)

Jonathan Lewis is the IT Manager for Microsoft Australia. This month Jonathan will be taking some time from his very busy schedule to come down to Melbourne and tell us all about Microsoft’s internal Intranet implementation which used SharePoint.

Technical Session

Project Server 2007: Overview (Joshua Tan)

Joshua Tan is a consultant at Unique World. He has a breadth of experience in collaboration and enterprise project management (EPM) solutions. Come along to his overview of Project Server 2007 and learn about the new features and capabilities of Microsoft Office Project 2007, including the new system architecture, new server side API, improved timesheet capabilities, new project and program management functionality, and sophisticated reporting capabilities that will enable your organization to capture and understand work more effectively.

Also, visit MOSSIG at http://www.mossig.net/.

Code Jedi @ Tech Ed

August 13, 2007

Even though I was unable to attend this years Tech Ed event on the Gold Coast, it seems that I was there in spirit.  Grumpy Wookie has made me aware of some photos he took of the CommNet computers at Tech Ed.  I hope my photo on the computers at Tech Ed didn’t frighten any of the punters away.



Chris (a.k.a Grumpy Wookie) also brought back some loot for me, a mini remote control Nortel car, an infoplex thumbs up squishy toy, an attachmate rubic’s cube keyring, a content keeper flashing ice cube and an idera SQL Server Superhero…not to mention the horde of pens and k2 underground stickers…thanks Chris, these make me feel like I was there…but without the hang over 🙂