Last day at SDM, dawn of a new era.

September 25, 2007

Today was my last day working at SDM. It has been great working at SDM and there are a lot of great people that I will be leaving behind. From Monday 1st October, I will be working at Microsoft as a SharePoint Technology Solutions Professional (TSP), supporting the Southern Region of Australia.


Microsoft adjusts license model for MOSS Internet Sites (MOSSFIS)

September 25, 2007

Microsoft have been listening…it was found that lots of Internet implementations of MOSS were employing an alternative architecture that was not of that intended, due to the license model of MOSS CAL and Internet Sites which could not co-exist on the same web farm. MSFT have adjusted its licensing model over MOSS and it is now allowed. This means that you can now deploy a Internet Site onto a single server for authoring (staging) and presentation, without breaching the license agreement. This would also mean that you would not need to implement Content Deployment and also that content changes, once approved, would be immediately viewable by the public.  Tom Rizzo, Director of Product Management, Microsoft has written a post describing this in more detail.

Parting gift from SDM

September 21, 2007

The guys at SDM decided to get me a going away present, so they produced t-shirts for most of the office and gave me one too.  They had the the following design on them;



By the way WIPRSS stands for (William In Person Really Simple Syndication)



Very funny guys, I am going to miss all the humorous joking’s…

Office DevCon 2007

September 20, 2007


I have just been told that the website for the inaugural Office DevCon is now live (  This will be an excellent event with presenters from all around Australia attending. The event will be held 3-4 November 2007 at Microsoft’s North Ryde offices in Sydney.  Information about the event including agenda, speakers and registration can be found on the website.  Some of the speakers at the event will be Aaron Saikovski, Adam Cogan, Andrew Coates, Mick Badran and MOSSIG‘s very own Ed Richard.

Did you know? You can add another time zone to your Outlook calendar

September 13, 2007

I currently work for a company that operates over two time zones (Melbourne/Sydney and Adelaide).  Some times when we book meetings the time zone thing can throw some people off.  So it is good to see that Outlook 2007 now has the facility to add another time zone to your calendar.  Now you can see what time the meeting is scheduled for in both time zones.

To add another time zone, go to Tools | Options… in Outlook


On the Preferences tab, click on Calendar Options…


On the Calendar Options dialog, click on Time Zone…


On the Time Zone dialog enter MELB as your current Windows time zone Label, tick the Show an additional time zone check box, enter ADEL as the Label and choose (GMT+09:30) Adelaide as the Time zone. NB: You can replace use your own labels and choose your own time zones. Click OK three times.


Now you calendar shows both time zones.

MOSSIG Enterprise Search Extravaganza

September 12, 2007

MOSSIG Enterprise Search Extravaganza - 26 Sept 2007 

This month MOSSIG will be presenting a series of Enterprise Search related topics, so come along and find out how Enterprise Search can help you unlock your businesses data and improve productivity.

Where – Microsoft, Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank

When – 26 Sept 2007 5:30pm

Show and Tell Session – Contact Selector Control in InfoPath (Ben Walters)

Ben Walters from Strategic Data Management will be providing a brief overview of the Contact Selector control available in InfoPath 2007.

Business Session – Search possibilities in your Enterprise (Tim Wragg)

According to IDC (Content Technologies Study 2004-2005), workers spend 9.5 hours per week searching.  Join Tim Wragg from Professional Advantage as he discusses the Enterprise Searching capabilities of SharePoint 2007 and what it means for business.

The presentation will include,

  • positioning of the current search landscape from desktop to the web and where its going,
  • search features including documents, people, business data and other sources,
  • tips and tricks for an effective implementation , and
  • the gotcha’s in features and licensing.

Technical Session – How to access and search business data (Matthew Cosier)

In this half-hour session Matthew Cosier from Readify will step you through the means of integrating external data with the Business Data Catalog, and exposing it via search. In particular he will take you through the process of writing a BDC web service, generating the application definition using the new Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor tool, and finally exposing the data to SharePoint search.

To register for this meeting please email by COB Tuesday 25th September 2007.

Windows Live Update

September 7, 2007

I have been using the Windows Live Writer Beta for some time now and it has allowed me to create all my blog posts in a WYSIWYG offline environment.  I can write posts on the train on the way home and then have them published when I get home.   This has given me a major productivity improvement.  I am also a frequent user of the Window Live Messenger and have used that since its first inception.   Yesterday I was reading Angus Logan’s blog and learnt that the Windows Live team have been really busy and have just released a new suite of products and product updates, including Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta.   I updated my environment smoothly and I can now check my Hotmail email account directly from my desktop (instead of going to the Web) and I have also discovered some photos on my hard drive that I thought I had lost – Way cool!   I recommend upgrading to the latest Windows Live experience!

Get Windows Live