Microsoft 101 Training

This week is my third week since I started with Microsoft and also coincides with MS101 training.  I flew up to Sydney on Sunday evening which was eventful, my original flight was canceled resulting in me not getting to the hotel until 11pm.

Day 1, arrived at Microsoft’s office in Lane Cove to prepare for intense training (who is Microsoft, how does Microsoft work, etc…)  Started well with coffee from the cafeteria. Nice surprise when I got to the training room, a special gift for everyone, Microsoft backpack, Vista and Office software.

Microsoft Sydney

After a full day of training I caught up with Alistair Speirs (Office TSP) and Peter Williams (Sales Manager EPG).  Alistair and I then got together for dinner (Seafood Risotto, yummo).

The second day was also full on and covered all of the governance and regulatory type sessions (Is it sad that I thought this was extremely interesting?).  Caught up with Alistair and Gayan Peiris(SharePoint TSP) during my lunch break.

Microsoft Sydney

Today’s sessions were all about exploring the various business groups (what they do, how they do it).  During the mobility session they ran a competition to give away a HTC Touch mobile 6 handset (and guess what, I won! Yay!)

Me and my new HTC Touch 

During lunchtime they ran an Xbox competition, basically a knock-out competition racing the new PGR-4.  What a surprise that Peter from EDD won (Kong came an admiral second and special mention to Fallon who almost made it to the final – she did well).  After lunch a draw was conducted and Gareth won an Xbox 360 (well done!), everyone else was given an Xbox 360 game.

I have been working with Microsoft and Microsoft Technologies for many years but have to admit that I have learnt so much in the past three days.  I have come to the conclusion that I have definitely made the right decision in joining Microsoft.  So that concludes the core MS101 training, tomorrow I start MS101 – Sales Extension training.


2 Responses to Microsoft 101 Training

  1. MVP Ken Lin says:

    Great! You re very luck. So you are under MSFT SYD MOSS team now?

  2. Code Jedi says:

    Ken, thanks you for your good wishes. I am actually Melbourne based, however my role is a national one so I will be assisting the Sydney guys (Gayan and Alistar) to support Sydney.

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