MOSSIG Panel Session – 24 Oct 2007

Tonight MOSSIG will be presenting a panel discussion with a number of Microsoft collaboration specialists and I will be there also. For more infomation please contact

Special Panel discussion
Topic: “The Platform Inquisition”
David Lemphers – Developer Evangelist
Graham Elliott – Microsoft Services Architect
Nigel Watson – Architect Advisor

Join us for a special panel session with David, Graham and Nigel from Microsoft.

These 3 smart fellas all represent different areas of Microsoft which are converging with platforms like SharePoint and we’re going to discuss this at length. Each of them having very different views should guarantee very interesting debate, while we will not have a worm analysing the audience response in our case the audience is allowed to loudly agree or disagree. We encourage you to submit your questions regarding the platform convergence.


2 Responses to MOSSIG Panel Session – 24 Oct 2007

  1. Chris says:

    Have any feedback from the session ? Discussion points ?

  2. Code Jedi says:

    Hi Chris, for feedback and discussion point of this session contact MOSSIG at The evening was fantastic with lots of opinions and view expressed all round a good night with a few drinks afterwards.

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