AJAX SharePoint List Rotator Web Part

August 29, 2007

Adam Buenz [WSS MVP] has posted about the AJAX SharePoint List Rotator Web Part

“…The AJAX SharePoint List Rotator WebPart does what its name implies; it rotates things out of a SharePoint list. In order to eliminate a postback, it uses AJAX to load and rotate the items, nothing really fancy, but I needed a way to display task items randomly in a WebPart. To be honest I didn’t spend a lot of time on it because it was a nice to have thing, and not really used that heavily for my side project…”, Adam Buenz


Adam suggests that the WebPart hasn’t been tested all that thoroughly, but it should provide a great starting point for those who want similar functionality or would like to look at AJAX within a WebPart. You can download it here.


ASP.NET AJAX – SharePoint and MCMS Kits

January 24, 2007

Good news the ASP.NET AJAX framework (previously known as Atlas) has been released – RTM. Other good news for the SharePoint developers is the release, by Daniel Larson, of the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Toolkit for SharePoint. And MCMS developers haven’t missed out either, check out this posting from Stefan Goßner regarding enabling ASP.NET AJAX with MCMS.