Cornwill family history

July 31, 2007

After posting an article about my family history research and the new version of Family.Show, I was contacted by Graeme Agius from Data#3 in Brisbane.  It turns out that Graeme has been researching his mothers tree, which just happens to be Cornwill also.  After getting some more information from him, we found out that we are 2nd Cousins 1 generation removed.  What a small world we live in.

This got me excited and I spent most of last night updating and researching further.  I have also just created a new blog (  On this new site I plan to detail stories from the information I have found out about my ancestors and will also provide a GEDCOM file for download, which I will periodically update.

If you belong to the Cornwill family by any means I would love to hear from you, to try and find you on my tree or add you in the right spot or even get updated information. You can contact me at


Family.Show version 2.0 released

July 27, 2007

I have been tracing my family tree for nearly ten years and have managed to track back to a William Cornwall born 1771, who lived in Dorking, Surrey, England – he was a carpenter.  It is great finding out where your ancestors come from, when they immigrated to Australia – 1841, 1842, 1844 and 1954 (and yes as free settlers and not convicts – although that would have been pretty cool) and where the name Cornwill is derived.

Up until now I have been using a very old version of Family Tree Maker that I got on a magazine Cover-CD some 2 or so years ago. I recently downloaded a Silverlight demonstration program called Family.Show which I think is a pretty cool example of how powerful Silverlight is. The initial version was a little rough and lacked some serious features but Vertigo have now released version 2.0 which has some great enhancements. I am now switching my entire genealogy tree (some 1400 people) over to the new Family.Show v2.0.

Family.Show version 2 by Vertigo

Vertigo have also posted a brief list of WPF and Expression Blend tips based on what they have learnt while building this product.