Movember – please sponsor my MO!

November 11, 2007

Movember - Sponsor Me

If you sponsor me I will provide updates of what my mo looks like!


Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

Guy Sebastian @ The Palms, Crown

July 29, 2007

I was able to get front row tickets (Table 6 Sect A) again for the upcoming acoustic Guy Sebastian concert at The Palms in the Crown Complex Melbourne on Sat 27th October. Nicole and I absolutely loved the last concert at Hamer Hall and can not wait until this one in October. I think that Guy is really underated, he is a fantastic entertainer and everytime that we have seen him, he always spends some time talking to my kids (Ethan and Jayde).

My son has a new blog

July 26, 2007

My son Ethan has been posting using Blogger since Feb 2006, but now he wanted to have a website that looked just like mine (but “…without the ugly photo of you dad…” – his words). So tonight I helped him move over to WordPress, import his posts and style up his blog just like mine (oh, and I got rid of my photo and put one of his cool photos – taken for his book fair at school where he dressed up as Doctor Who – David Tennant style). So check out the newest addition to the nerd arena Code Padawan.

CodeJedi meets the Simpsons

July 12, 2007

The guys at work have been getting creative with the Simpson Movie website, by creating their very own Avatars.  I also saw Frank Arrigo get into the act and create a funky looking Simpson like version of himself.  So I decided that CodeJedi also needed to become a Simpson’s character.

CodeJedi meets the Simpsons

If you haven’t heard

July 4, 2007

This afternoon there were a few comic’s flying around the office and I thought that this one was pretty relevant to CodeJedi.


Anyhow, Grumpy Wookie decided to alter one of the comics and I thought it was definitely worth blogging about.

CodeJedi will let you know when he has blogged

Photos with my new Olympus SP-550UZ

June 1, 2007

On the 21st May 2007 I posted about my new purchase, an Olympus SP-550UZ camera.   I thought I would provide an update.  This camera is fantastic, it has loads of features and a massive zoom.  I also purchased a 2GB Olympus xD memory card and now I am able to take Panoramic shots which can be stitched together using the Olympus Master 2 software that came with the camera. I have been playing around with taking shots of blades of grass, mushrooms, flowers, mountains, trees, the buildings in Clunes, my children and all manner of things (I just cannot seem to put it down).  My favourite shots have been of the Moon and Sun.

Sun Moon by day Moon at night