October 25, 2007

If you are an Australian University or TAFE student then you could grab a bargin.  Microsoft are offering all eligible Australian Uni and TAFE students the opportunity to purchase the latest Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate edition for only $75 for life (or $25 for 1 year) which normally retails for around $1000.  So check out the It’s not cheating website for more details grab yourself a bargin.

It's not cheating - Get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007


Office DevCon 2007

September 20, 2007


I have just been told that the website for the inaugural Office DevCon is now live (http://www.block.net.au/devcon/index.htm).  This will be an excellent event with presenters from all around Australia attending. The event will be held 3-4 November 2007 at Microsoft’s North Ryde offices in Sydney.  Information about the event including agenda, speakers and registration can be found on the website.  Some of the speakers at the event will be Aaron Saikovski, Adam Cogan, Andrew Coates, Mick Badran and MOSSIG‘s very own Ed Richard.

Did you know? You can add another time zone to your Outlook calendar

September 13, 2007

I currently work for a company that operates over two time zones (Melbourne/Sydney and Adelaide).  Some times when we book meetings the time zone thing can throw some people off.  So it is good to see that Outlook 2007 now has the facility to add another time zone to your calendar.  Now you can see what time the meeting is scheduled for in both time zones.

To add another time zone, go to Tools | Options… in Outlook


On the Preferences tab, click on Calendar Options…


On the Calendar Options dialog, click on Time Zone…


On the Time Zone dialog enter MELB as your current Windows time zone Label, tick the Show an additional time zone check box, enter ADEL as the Label and choose (GMT+09:30) Adelaide as the Time zone. NB: You can replace use your own labels and choose your own time zones. Click OK three times.


Now you calendar shows both time zones.

Writing Complex Outlook Add-ins in .NET: Tell me your pain!

May 30, 2007

Paul Robinson a consultant with Microsoft Services in the UK has posted a request for information regarding your pain points, gotches, fixes and notes of interest around writing Outlook addins.

If you have anything you would like to mention then leave him a comment and I am sure that the information will makes it way to the product team in Redmond.

Most recent document sidebar gadget

March 26, 2007

I was looking through the Vista sidebar gadgets on live gallery and found this excellent gadget “Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents“.

“Quick and easy access to your most recently used Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 documents. This gadget lets you easily open, pin, or unpin the most recent items from your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint MRU. Requires Office 2007.”

I am using it now and have found it to be very useful, so I can recommend checking it out. Hopefully the list of files, which currently only support Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be expanded in the future.

Image of Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents Vista Sidebar Gadget

RSS Feeds disappear from Outlook

March 15, 2007

I have been using Office 2007 since Beta 1 and have had no real issues with the product (stability at the start, but that is much better in the final release). I have been using the RSS features which are really cool but just this morning Outlook is not updating my RSS feeds. On further investigations Tools|Account Settings|RSS Feeds no longer contains a list of RSS Feeds. I now have to delete each RSS and re-add it manually (I didn’t have an OPML file – doh!).

For those of you that are using Office 2007 and the RSS feed feature, I recommend using the Import and Export feature to create an OPML file of your feeds occasionally (then you wont loose them like I did).

If anyone else has experienced this issue then let me know and if I find a fix to this issue I will update this post.

Microsoft Virtual Labs for Office System

March 9, 2007

Angus Logan has posted an excellent list of virtual labs for the office system, including Office 2007, WSSv3, MOSS 2007 and Groove. He also included a link to the virtual lab RSS feed so you can keep up to date as more virtual labs are released.