Ice Cube Promotes Silverlight

November 21, 2007

Just read a post by Michael Scherotter about – basically this is a new video for the web site that has been co-founded by Ice Cube.  Check out Micheal’s post for a short video taken at Ice Cube’s Cube Vision offices.  This site is pretty cool and shows the power of Silverlight.

“…uses Silverlight technology, it is going to be incredible. Flash is out of here…”, Ice Cube

Unfortunately I cannot paste iFrames into WordPress posts – doh!, another reason why I am trying to shift to my MSDN blog.


Family.Show version 2.0 released

July 27, 2007

I have been tracing my family tree for nearly ten years and have managed to track back to a William Cornwall born 1771, who lived in Dorking, Surrey, England – he was a carpenter.  It is great finding out where your ancestors come from, when they immigrated to Australia – 1841, 1842, 1844 and 1954 (and yes as free settlers and not convicts – although that would have been pretty cool) and where the name Cornwill is derived.

Up until now I have been using a very old version of Family Tree Maker that I got on a magazine Cover-CD some 2 or so years ago. I recently downloaded a Silverlight demonstration program called Family.Show which I think is a pretty cool example of how powerful Silverlight is. The initial version was a little rough and lacked some serious features but Vertigo have now released version 2.0 which has some great enhancements. I am now switching my entire genealogy tree (some 1400 people) over to the new Family.Show v2.0.

Family.Show version 2 by Vertigo

Vertigo have also posted a brief list of WPF and Expression Blend tips based on what they have learnt while building this product.

RadControls for Silverlight Beta Revealed – Download Now

July 26, 2007

Telerik have released its RadControls for Silverlight Beta product.

Telerik components suite for Silverlight received another boost with the official release of RadControls for Silverlight Beta. RadControls for Silverlight Beta includes five components, namely 5 fundamental building blocks (Button, Image, Media, Label, CustomElement) and 3 composite controls (MediaPlayer, StripLayoutPanel and Cube).

Developers can use Telerik Silverlight controls in their own projects and get acquainted with the notion of control-based development originally missing in the Silverlight 1.0 framework. All RadControls are fully customizable through themes. We ship several predefined themes for each control and provide the option to further customize them with Microsoft Expression Blend. RadControls for Silverlight require no JavaScript and XAML coding.

Silverlight Beta is distributed with free developer license to all community members who have a valid Telerik account.

Download Beta and let us know of your feedback!


July 1, 2007


A friend of mine Jey Srikantha from K2.NET has just let me know about CodeCampSA.

This free event sponsored by UniSA, ADNUG and Australian Computer Society is the Adelaide version of the very popular CodeCampOz held in Wagga Wagga in April. For those who find the journey to Wagga Wagga difficult, the CodeCamp is coming to SA. There will be continuous presentations (apart from breaks for BBQ lunch and coffee)

There will be heaps of great presenters like Dave Glover, Mitch Denny, Greg Low and of course Jey will be giving two presentations (“Blessings of the blackpearl– K2[blackpearl] and .NET” and “MOSS’ing around with blackpearl – k2[blackpearl] and MOSS”). The complete agenda and speaker list is on the event page of the ADNUG website.

I think I will find it difficult to get over to SA to attend as I am extremely busy, but I will try. Although the event is free you still need to register to attend each day.

WHERE: UniSA, Theatre HH4-08 Hans Heysen Building, North Terrace, ADELAIDE SA

WHEN: 8.30 for an 8.45 start 7th-8th July

To register (both Saturday and Sunday).

**Note – if you are going to attend both Saturday and Sunday, please book for both days.**