Code Jedi @ Tech Ed

August 13, 2007

Even though I was unable to attend this years Tech Ed event on the Gold Coast, it seems that I was there in spirit.  Grumpy Wookie has made me aware of some photos he took of the CommNet computers at Tech Ed.  I hope my photo on the computers at Tech Ed didn’t frighten any of the punters away.

Chris (a.k.a Grumpy Wookie) also brought back some loot for me, a mini remote control Nortel car, an infoplex thumbs up squishy toy, an attachmate rubic’s cube keyring, a content keeper flashing ice cube and an idera SQL Server Superhero…not to mention the horde of pens and k2 underground stickers…thanks Chris, these make me feel like I was there…but without the hang over 🙂


Free Willy

August 31, 2006

A fellow MOSSIG member Tim Wragg has written an article about my spoils at the recent TechEd event in Sydney. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that the spoils have all but been given to charitible homes, my son Ethan, daughter Jayde and fellow collegues at SDM are all enjoying the many trinkets I was able to obtain at TechEd (I only kept the T-Shirts and memory of the XBox girls – no photographic evidence).

Also, Tim how are the Wireless mouse and the pens that you obtained going.

TechEd 2006 – Was fantastic

August 30, 2006

Last week I attended TechEd 2006 in Sydney. It was fantastic. I was able to attend some excellent sessions on MOSS run by Arphan Shah and Angus Logan. I especially enjoyed the session on Web Content Management and also the one on upgrading MCMS to MOSS by Chris Johnson.

During my time in Sydney I was able to catch up with quite a few of the Microsoft guys including Angus Logan, Pen Lewin, Mike Fitzmaurice and Arphan Shah (I have included a picture below taken by Elaine Van Bergen during the 1:1 session with Arphan – sorry for the quality it was taken using the camera on my phone).

Arphan Shah and I

Arphan was impressed to hear that my son (Ethan, 6 years) is currently blogging using Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Ben Walters MVP Presenting at Tech Ed 2006 Sydney

August 2, 2006

A collegue of mine Ben Walters, InfoPath MVP will be presenting at Tech Ed 2006 in Sydney, be sure to check out his presentation and visit his blog a

Elaine van Bergen: Tech•Ed 06 – "I’ll be there"

August 1, 2006

One of my esteemed collegues will also be attending at Tech Ed 2006 in Sydney. Check out her blog site Elaine van Bergen’s Microsoft Skewed View of the World.

TechEd 2006 – I’ll be there

July 28, 2006
I am going to TechEd 2006 in Sydney. See you there.