What is up with Vista?

May 27, 2007

Firstly I have to admit that I have been a little naughty and have been running Windows Vista RC1 for the past nine months or so. It had some minor issues but was otherwise stable, so I didn’t bother updating it when RC2 come out. This morning when I turned on the computer, it nicely reminded me that the evaluation licence for RC1 was going to expire in five days. Well I decided that it was about time I inconvenienced my wife and installed the full licenced version of Vista Business. Well it has been more than three hours and all I have seen so far is the dreaded blue screen of death with “MACHINE_CHECK_ERROR” on it. This is a little surprising considering the upgrade adviser said all would be fine and that I have been running RC1 for nine months. I even tried a clean install of XP SP2 then upgrade over that – still no luck. I am now reverting back to Windows XP SP2 and might have to see if I can convince the household purchasing committee (my wife) for a hardware purchase.


Most recent document sidebar gadget

March 26, 2007

I was looking through the Vista sidebar gadgets on live gallery and found this excellent gadget “Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents“.

“Quick and easy access to your most recently used Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 documents. This gadget lets you easily open, pin, or unpin the most recent items from your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint MRU. Requires Office 2007.”

I am using it now and have found it to be very useful, so I can recommend checking it out. Hopefully the list of files, which currently only support Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be expanded in the future.

Image of Microsoft Office 2007 Recently Used Documents Vista Sidebar Gadget

Vista and iTunes

February 4, 2007

A colleague of mine Mike Pearson just sent me a link to an article about an iTunes compatibility issue with the new Vista OS. The article describes how Apple have posted an article regarding their latest version of iTune 7.0.2 and recommend delaying the installation of Windows Vista for a few weeks until their next version is released.

I have happily been using Vista at home since RC1 with iTunes 6 with no issues. I haven’t upgraded to iTune 7.0.2 because 6 seems stable and fine for my needs. No need to wait for iTune upgrade (an Apple product) to upgrade to Vista (a Microsoft product)…hmmm…wonder if it is just a scam by Apple to delay the sales of Vista…maybe they are a little scared of Microsoft’s new OS (now that it can also run on the Mac hardware)…